About Us

We are a small home breeder that take pride in our dogs and consider them as family. The dogs have full access to the inside and outside of the house. We try to limit the amount of kennel time and they are free to roam to their hearts content. We stay close to the mountains giving us the opportunity to go on lots of hikes which they enjoy. We are a military family and like to keep active with the dogs. I am a disabled veteran and retired from the Army. I worked with German Shepherds while I was deployed in the Army. I love the German Shepherd breed and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I live and breathe German Shepherd. I ultimately believe that they are one of the most amazing creatures on this earth. They are truly the best breed anyone could ever own. They are good at anything you want and need them to do. From protection, to comfort, assisting, herding, hiking, or anything you can teach them to do. They are so willing to please their owners and that is one of many reasons I fell in love with them.

Key Factors

• Our breeding dogs are health, Hips and/or Elbows clear or (certified)
• Temperament (sound and clear in head)
• Conformation (Show Quality, including show standard in size)
• Working (sports/schutzhund/titles)
• Color pigmentation (deep black and rich red pigment)
• Intelligent, fast learners, Eager to please their owners and family, including children
• Well socialized with other dogs. Possess self-confidence without aggression in social environment. Naturally protective of their surroundings, not excessive.


We offer a contract between us and the buyer for peace of mind.

All deposits are $500 and are non refundable. It can be transferred to another litter. The balance is not due until the day you pick up your pup, or five days prior to shipping

At Von Imegwu Kennels, we reserve the right to decline purchase if we feel it’s NOT a suitable match for our puppy/dog or the potential client.