SG8 Tilla Von der Accent (IPO1, SV HD&ED Normal)

Sire: VA Djambo Vom Aurelisbrandt
Dam: SG2 Quora vom Plantanshof

One of our top co-owned females. We are so excited to see what she brings into our kennel. Tilla is a very confident girl.. We love her temperament. Clear in the head. She is everything that a german shepherd should be.


DEMMY Moor Vom Grossen Schatz AKA(Wolverina)

Sire: Aragon Geroy
Dam: Scheila Gven Blaid (VA1 Grisu Vom Frankengold)

Wolverina is our very first long coat, solid black, show line girl. We are so excited to welcome her into the pack all the way from Russia and Poland. Her sire has many titles under his belt. Her structure and temperament is outstanding. She is a very strong, confident girl and is always up for the challenge. We cannot wait to watch her grow and are super excited to see what the future holds for us.

Bellatrix Ysera Von den hohen Berg

Sire:  SG35 BSZS Zart Goldene Bienenstock (VA Margman Yan)
 V Evra Leone Vanessa Mey (VA Finn vom Bergmannsland)

Ysera is coming all the way from Russia, this stock coat girl is beautiful and has an amazing tempereament with a drive to work. Her grand sire is one of the top dogs in Russia. VA MArgman yan is everything a solid black show line should entail. From work ethics to structure, he is just phenominal.

Persia Von Bad-Box (HD&ED Normal)

Sire: VA1 Gary Vom Huhnegrab IPO3
Dam: V1 Wegas Vom Leithawald IPO1(VA Fulz di Zenevredo)